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Application to join one of our Global Sustainability Project Bootcamps

Please note that completing this application form will take approximately 10-15 minutes.

We aim to review and respond to all applications within two weeks, though at peak periods it can take up to four weeks.

Available spots in our Bootcamps are allocated on first-come-first-served basis, with the evaluation criteria focusing on applicants’ short statement of interest. Priority will also be given to ensuring sufficient multifaceted diversity – across disciplines, sectors, genders, geographies, etc. – within each of our Bootcamps.

Once a given Bootcamp is full, additional approved applicants will be put on the waitlist in case a spot becomes available.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

Please provide your preferred email address *

Preferred Name*

This could be a version of your name, a nickname that you use in professional settings, or a middle name that you prefer to be called instead of your first name. (It can also be the same as your first name.)

OPTIONAL: Do you self-identify as belonging to any of the following groups?

Equality and diversity are at the core of our mission and values. In that spirit, we strive to create a program with diverse peoples and opinions, because to truly change the world for the better, everyone's perspective is important.

How do we use this data? We use this information to ensure there is equitable representation of diverse perspectives across all our programs.

Definitions provided by the Government of Canada can be found at these two links:

What does LGBTQ+ mean?

How are Employment Equity Groups defined?

Which university, college, company or organisation are you currently affiliated with?* 
(please put n/a if you are currently unaffiliated)

Please look carefully at the time zone for each Bootcamp

Every Bootcamp is scheduled to align best with the region shown in the map below; but you are welcome to apply to join any Bootcamp that you wish! You can use this tool to convert to your local time zone.

For each option below, please identify whether you PREFER, COULD or CANNOT attend the specific Bootcamp.If/when your application is accepted, you will be offered the opportunity to participate in one of the options you indicate you prefer to or could attend.

2023-24 Academic Year

22–24 February 2024 (Thursday to Saturday)

11am to 5pm Eastern Time

8am to 2pm Pacific Time • 5pm to 11pm Central European Time

14-16 March 2024 (Thursday to Saturday)

11am to 5pm Eastern Time

8am to 2pm Pacific Time • 5pm to 11pm Central European Time

25-27 April 2024 (Thursday to Saturday)

10am to 4pm Eastern Time

7am to 1pm Pacific Time • 4pm to 10pm Central European Time

Provide a statement of intent explaining why you would like to participate in one of our Bootcamps *


Please keep your statement to <150 words.

In this statement, we encourage you to convey the follow:

  • Why and how you feel your studies and/or career would benefit from participating?

  • What passion, knowledge and/or experience you feel you would bring that would contribute to other participants?

  • Any other information you feel would be important for the selectors to appreciate.

0 of 150 words

Please provide a link to your bio (or <100 words bio)*


We encourage you to simply provide a link to your LinkedIn profile or similar online bio. If you do not have a link, please do not worry; your application will not be penalised. You can simply provide a couple of sentences here.

0 of 100 words

Do you have a preference of geographic location of the Challenge you would tackle during the Bootcamp?

No Preference



Do you have a preference of which Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) you would tackle during the Bootcamp?

SDG-11 Sustainable Cities & Communites

SDG-13 Climate Action

What are your broader passions/interests as they relate to sustainability?

We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a simple proxy for the sustainability issues that you are most passionate about. Please select which six of these goals most resonate with your passions and interests.

Please choose 6 goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Would you need financial support to attend?*
(You can review the cost of the Bootcamp here.)

If you answered either yes or uncertain

Would you like guidance or support on exploring how you might find funding support from existing schemes at your university, college, company or organisation?

Would you like support to explore if your organisation might want to partner with How to Change the World to offer this opportunity to you and your colleagues?


Our Global Sustainability Project Bootcamps are intensive team-based experiences. Please consider the Bootcamps a full time commitment (up to 8hrs/day) for the days they are running.

To ensure a high quality experience for all participants, we ask every participant to commit to full participation across the dates of the bootcamp. That includes both synchronous Bootcamp sessions and asynchronous preparation work.

Furthermore, we want to ensure every participant understands that all our Bootcamps are delivered virtually in order to enable participants, teaching team, experts and community representatives from across diverse geographies to all work together. Participants will be provided with all the virtual teamwork and collaboration tools they need to fully engage in the Bootcamp experience; however participants are responsible for ensuring they have a good computer (and ideally another mobile device or tablet) with a strong internet connection for all the synchronous sessions of the Bootcamp.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email

Please confirm that you understand the required time commitment and virtual nature of our Bootcamps

Privacy & Data Processing *

Receive information and updates (optional)



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