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March 2023 Reading Week ‘Bootcamp’
Details for our Higher Education Partners

4th Annual

This week-long intensive How to Change the World ‘Bootcamp’ will take place in a fully-virtual environment from

Monday 27 February to Friday 3 March

Some of our partners for previous reading week Bootcamps:

"The hands-on experience of tackling a problem and designing a solution was amazing. It was just like a trailer to the entrepreneurial journey.”

Engineering Masters Student, University of Waterloo

Our Bootcamps

During our weeklong, fully-virtual Bootcamps, students from across disciplines and higher education institutions work together in small teams and larger cohorts to collaboratively tackle a Challenge based on one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in either a Canadian or international community. The pedagogy of these bootcamps is based on the highly acclaimed How to Change the World course at University College London (UCL) which runs annually for over 1000 students.


Teams spend the first half of the Bootcamp researching and understanding the Challenge they are tackling, including engaging directly (in our Virtual Learning Environment) with Local Stakeholders. By the halfway point, each team hones down on a focused problem within the Challenge that their team is uniquely equipped and passionate to tackle – and that aligns with the needs of Local Stakeholders. Each day they are guided by a global Teaching Team, receive mentoring from an array of industry and academic mentors, and have the opportunity to collaborate with other teams of students going through the Bootcamp. By the end of the program, every team creates a Digital Portfolio showcasing their work, which is reviewed by a panel of judges who then interview each team before selecting the winning teams.

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The Student Experience

We invite you to hear what students experience in their own words and view one of our past Showcases to see ideas that student teams generated.

Train-the-Trainer Professional Development Opportunity

One of our aims as a social enterprise is to support our Higher Education Partners expand their ability to deliver exceptional experiential learning programs. For this reason, we provide the opportunity for each partnering Faculty to send one educator for every 10 students to our Train-the-Trainer professional development program at no cost. This includes the educators gaining hands-on experience from being part of our teaching team for the Bootcamp. This Train-the-Trainer program is designed to equip attendees with pedagogical frameworks, techniques and resources for delivering exceptional experiential learning.

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How We Support Your Student Recruitment

Our team fully supports your student recruitment process. We recommend that student recruitment begins the first week of the winter term in January.

It is our aim to facilitate every step. We ensure that you have all the information and materials needed... from successfully promoting the opportunity to your students all the way to selecting which students will participate in the Bootcamp.

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