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Striving for a better future?

Learn sustainability skills, build your global network, and advance your career with one of our virtual Bootcamps with real-world impact.

ETS - École de technologie supérieure

ETS - École de technologie supérieure

Global Sustainability Project Bootcamp

The interdisciplinary, project-based Bootcamp that thousands
have done to learn how to tackle global sustainability challenges!

Apply Now

Applications will be evaluated with first-come-first-served priority (moderated by considerations for diversity of participants). Once the program is full, additional applicants will be put on the waitlist in case a spot becomes available.

These are interdisciplinary and multi-institutional project-based bootcamps focused on positively impacting the complex sustainability challenges faced by communities around the world

Every Bootcamp is delivered in an interactive fully-virtual environment.

These are intensive, team-based experiential learning bootcamps. We ask all participants to commit to full participation for the dates of the bootcamp they are accepted into to ensure the best experience for everyone. Each bootcamp commitment is spread across the specified days with participation in both the live synchronous workshops along with asynchronous work each day.

Some of the companies represented at our Careers Nights (for students who complete a Bootcamp):

Some of our current and recent higher ed partners:

Some of our current and recent higher ed partners:

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Hear what our graduates and experts say...

“I learned to think critically about the interrelationships between... different factors, and develop the skills needed to identify and address complex sustainability challenges”

4th Year Student

Our participants on the value of their How to Change the World experience

Our graduates on how their Bootcamp experience helped their careers

“I found the interdisciplinary and interuniversity aspects to be extremely valuable, as this is not an opportunity regularly offered”

4th Year Student

Our experts on the value of the Bootcamp for students

“Working with an amazing, passionate, intelligent and interdisciplinary group of people. By far my favourite group work experience ever.”

3rd Year Student

"equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle real-world sustainability and innovation challenges."

4th Year Software Engineering Student

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What is our Global Sustainability Project Bootcamp?



During our intensive virtual bootcamps, students from across disciplines and higher education institutions work together to tackle a challenge faced by a real community somewhere across the world. All our bootcamps are based on the highly-acclaimed How to Change the World course at University College London (UCL), which runs annually for over 1000 students.

How will gaining sustainability skills support your career?

Since 2017, there has been a 36-fold increase in companies setting sustainability targets. The bad news? Only 17% of these companies say they have employees with the skills they need to start even making progress towards reaching these targets. The good news? Millions of jobs are being created specifically to focus on nature-positive solutions.

You have the passion and drive to tackle sustainability challenges but you need experiential opportunities that provide the skills and hands-on experience that companies are looking for. Our bootcamps equip you with these mindsets, frameworks and skills through practical, real-world experience.


Careers Nights & Experiential Prizes

Careers Nights
for every student

Every participant who completes one of our Bootcamps gets exclusive access to our Careers Nights.

During every Careers Nights, participants have a series of private small-group discussions with sustainability leaders and professionals from a diverse range of companies and organisations. These discussions provide opportunities to get career advice, build a professional network, and even find unique internship and job opportunities.

Some of the companies represented at recent Careers Nights: